Madiha Jameel

My experience has been great.  After the first 3~5 days of chanting, he was acting strange with me, by the 10 day he said that the relationship is too much and he is not ready for a serious relationship.  My heart ached but I did not give up.  I left him alone and continue chanting.  It was around the 19th day of chanting and he tried to contact me and I did not response to him I waited until I was finished my 21days of chanting.  On the fourth week he started to behave differently, he was more attentive and he is always calling me and spending more time with me.  He still has some apprehension but I would say 90 percent he is behaving very positive.  He appears to be more caring and giving and understanding.  He told me that he feels very positive and he know that things will work out God willing.  He also said that he knows that he will never find anyone more compatible than I am for him and he did not want to loose me