what is black magic reality exposed


Today lot of people ask and search to find out that what is black magic?Where Good and evil are two sides of the same person, we live in a world of duality. Black magic is the negative use of vigour and power by evil-minded individuals. Individuals who practice black magic or take the aid of professional black wizards are incredibly dedicated folks who have one aim in their heads; to harm or deprive others of living peaceful lives: make them sickand ultimately kill them. All humans have their two sides; divine too as evil, all humans have different ratios of evil and being divine. On the other hands, there are many individuals who’ve turned 99.9% evil and the staying divinity within them is overtaken by darkness.


Sun is the light provider to our planet but at any given time half of the World while the other half gets the view of the Sun. Stays in darkness, The area of light is sponsored by higher beings and angels while demons, devils and evil entities are ruled by the spirit world and host the world of darkness, collectively it’s called the world of Devil. We humans are given the alternative to dwelling in darkness or move towards the light.


Black Magic can be used to damage or destroy another person, by performing certain rituals, making human or animal sacrifices control and to appease the spirits. As time and space don’t exist in the spirit world once the Dark wizard has acquired the necessary control over the spirits and demons, they gain the power to inflict injury on their victims sitting thousands of miles away. With the increase of envy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity and inability to accept other’s well-being & growth, the utilisation of Black magic has become the most common way get a wrong sort of satisfaction from your chaos of others and to take out one’s vindictiveness. This issue has intensified a lot in the last few years, and many are suffering all over the world, completely oblivious of the attacks made by no other than their sibs.


Black Magic can play havoc with anybody’s life destroying any feature of their life, may it be profession/business or wealth/success, creating family problems or unnecessary pressures/phobias, adversely affecting children & family, creating chronic health concerns that has baffled the medical science, ruining mental calmness, intelligence & happiness, cause internal turmoil, unrest & uncharacteristic/abnormal behavior and even cause unnatural deaths and suicide in extreme circumstances.

As time passes, Black Magic begins spreading like a disease that is contagious, changing the person’s mind and heart profession and everything in life. Finally, the effects of Black Magic deepen and become life & more chronic threatening is taking the form of an incurable disease or steer the person towards giving the casualty strangely death or committing suicide.




Different spirits and powers which mean which you actually must be cautious in doing this are powering up black magic. It is also critical to know so that you can comprehend how to do black magic, not only the potential benefits of it but as well as the risks of it and what you are getting into. That is something you have to keep in your mind, particularly when you are performing hexes and casting love spells. So, if you want the course of your future to be changed, be sure to read this article up to ending.


I’ve been recently talking about some love charms and how to project them, one more thing I want to say is around black magic, avoid being afraid, since black magic term gives backs to your body, however I will comprehend the same, and it was same with me when I first took up the interest in the same, but I’d like to tell you that black magic

Ritual is the most powerful kind of magic that can be performed and if performed correctly will give the result you desire.

Steps to perform black magic

  1. Consider the result you desire to bring about. Black magic is considered a dark artwork because you

    utilise it to get what you need through controlling someone else. If your aim is to perform it to bring about some peace and justice, consider white magic instead. If you need to practice magic for personal gain, black magic is what you should use. Here are common reasons why individuals use black magic:

To keep someone bound in place. You want to chase them, and if someone is harming you, you can use a binding spell to halt the person’s actions.

  1. To cause someone to be brought to you. Love charms are on the list of most popular when it comes to black magic.

  2. To reach immortality or enhance your health.

  3. To keep in touch with the dead spirits

  1. Understand the fundamentals of a black magic ritual. The ritual you use to perform magic that is black will be based on your desired consequence. There are various rituals for everything from casting a spell to get wealth to raising the dead from their graves. Most rituals include the following elements:

For projecting charm or the curse, an individual site is selected.

A circle is drawn on the throwing site, and a pentacle is drawn inside the circle.

Charms, herbs, crystals, candles, and other substances are used to help draw the spirits out.

Words of power (related to this outcome you desire) are repeated three times

  1. There isn’t any one charm that can work to bring true love, give you immortality, etc. Do research to discover a magic, if you’d like or compose your own.

  2. Compose your charm in your grimoire. A grimoire is a kind of textbook for charms, with directions on the best way to use black magic.

  3. Recite the words of power connected with your charm that is desired. Each charm has distinct words of authority which can be described to reach the results you want. You must learn its real name before the magic will work, in case you are summoning a devil another spirit.

  4. If you’ve summoned the spirit or a demonic creature, handle it with reverence. These creatures don’t always have devotion for their summoned

  5. Prepare for the results. If your magic works, an effect will be taken by the outcome you want. Prepare with this, and prepare for the evil that will come.

Symptoms of Black Magic

How to find if you are a victim of black magic?

  1. Headaches that is horrible

  2. Blindness

  3. Eyes turning grey

  4. Inability to sleep, sleeplessness or oversleeping

  5. Melancholy

  6. Poor breath

  7. Seizures

  8. Excessive tears

  9. Unexplained irritability, rage and mental imbalance

  10. Un explained

  11. Growth of skin conditions around the body with destitute odour

  12. The incidence of nightmares

  13. Behaving unangry remembering

  14. Forgetting minutes and events of life

  15. Changes in look

  16. Indulging in unprotected/unhealthy sex, drugs, violence and excessive booze

  17. Paranoia (like believing someone is seeing them or outside to get them)

All the above information have been revelled for awareness of people that what is black magic, how black magic is performed and what could be symptoms of black magic.