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At the mobile gambling universe, Supercell is a exceptional phenomenon, a tiny Finnish firm has successfully managed, against all odds, to become one of the greatest developers of mobile games together with the devotion of free-to-play, With absolutely free download but in which players cover items or unique abilities in their most famed franchise, Clash of all Clans.

The narrative of this game combines fortune and ability. Lucky because he had been at the perfect place at the ideal moment. Talent since both creators, Ilkka Paananen and Mikko Kodisoja have now managed to produce a group capable of creating successive successes with magnetic characters in Clash of all Clans.
Clash Royale, your very last match, is presently one of the very most profitable programs in the AppStore. Impossible to not draw the focus, and pockets of big investors. Last June, the Chinese giant Tencent obtained the firm for around 8.6 billion bucks.

Kodijosa was among the year’s speakers in Gamelab, the International Congress of Video Games and Interactive Entertainment being held today in Barcelona, ​​ ​​in which he revealed his vision of their present mobile entertainment arena. The planet had the opportunity to talk to him following his address.
The meeting

Seriously, is there some opportunity now that a cellular game will triumph if it is not free to performwith?
There’s still marketplace for that which we call “top matches”, however they need to be distinct, unique and provide something not seen before. Generally speaking, this can be what happens in the marketplace for free-to. To highlight ought to be something which makes you distinct.

Thus, can it be hard for an independent programmer to come up with a prosperous mobile game?
If you’re an independent programmer and your plan is to produce a replica of something that’s already effective, yes. You don’t have many chances. You need to take risks to do something quite different and hope it complies with the crowd. You need to rely on continuing organic growth, which isn’t simple, because today the cellular (cellular) marketplace requires investing heavily on advertising to advertise a match.

Thinking such as that, could it be comparable to the conventional video game marketplace for computers or consoles?
It’s extremely competitive today … the length of the interview has already had 10 new opponents. If you’re a little studio, then you want a business supporting one to grow up and help boost the sport or rely upon a little set of gamers and influencers.Watch more clash of clans dicas news here.