Strong Hardwood Floors


Our solid hardwood floors service provides the perfect blend of durability, luxury and fashion. Ideal for time houses, in addition to for modernisations and conversions of commercial areas, solid hardwood floors produces a warmth, beauty and strength at the foundation of every area. We match both unfinished and finished woods in many different colors: by the light butter colors of walnut and mild oak; into the dark luxury colors of walnut and also darker walnut.

Pick silver ash to get a flooring finish that contrasts over time into a gorgeous gray; or pick colour for this signature deep-red glow. No matter the design and décor of your premises, our solid hardwood flooring fitters will suggest the stuff and complete which will bring out it absolutely.
Tulvira has nearly 30 years’ expertise in the hardwood floor business, and has assembled an impressive collection of connections throughout this moment. Consequently, we could offer the timber; the fittings; the underlay; along with also the hardware in prices a number of our opponents can aspire to conquer.

Every Setup is Particular
That expertise also means we could offer the best answer for each and every house, however catchy or unusual the setup. Our floors engineers can degree an present surface prior to installing hard wood floors on the surface; we could add stop-ins into joists to construct the flooring and ceilings of old properties back up to your horizontal plane; also we could present quite a few plain water resistant, insulating or sound-proofing membranes into the bottom of the floor setup for additional quality and safety. click here for complete information.
In each case, our qualified solid hardwood flooring fitters will give you a no obligations consultation and estimate, where we’ll suggest the best components and membranes or flooring levellers to your own requirements. We could also cause a raised flooring in properties or rooms in which the initial flooring design expects you to ventilate your timber from beneath.

We utilize only the maximum grade materials, and also have the capability to find wood flooring and flooring materials which are sometimes difficult to locate elsewhere. Our great name — again, a part of the 30 years at the transaction — frees us all over the business and our broad experience means, only, that we’ve paths to research which might not be available to other suppliers.

Programs for Sound Wood Flooring
Engineered wood is the most remarkable and dependable choice in almost any flooring selection. The organic splendor of this wood is simply the beginning. For durability and strength, correctly handled and cared-for wood just can not be defeated. It will choose the burden of even the most heavy furniture, and will deal with considerable quantities of foot traffic, without any complaints.
Solid hardwood flooring is also environmentally friendly, and can be increasingly defined in retro match jobs where eco consciousness a part of this short. Wood is a renewable source when properly optimized and re-planted. Each of the wood used within our solid wood floor jobs was licensed by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), that implies that trees are planted to replace those utilized by the timber mills supplying the wood.

The Significance of Expertise
It is important to get a capable, experienced flooring fitter install actual wood. Wood expands and contracts with humidity and temperature fluctuations, therefore there needs to be adjustments made in the ground layout for organic motion through recent years. Failure to achieve this will lead to gaps emerging, or even the floorboards climbing in peaks in which the expanding timber is pushing against the surfaces of the space.
Our solid hardwood flooring fitters layout all of our installations employing conventional procedures, permitting them to create absolutely flat, perfectly manicured finishes in each area.
Speak to us around a good hardwood flooring installation now. Get in touch with us on 020 8279 4744, or email us with the contact form supplied.