Taweez talismans and amulets the true reality and myths exposed

Taweez in english meaning of tilismans and amulets

Conduct a random search of  taweez their necks of all present day Muslims, most will be sporting a paper talisman, mini Quran, rosary, ribbon or little razor, etc.. They apparently feel these charms will prevent poor luck wicked spirits, sickness, etc..

Abdullah bin Masood accounts which I’ve heard that the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ).stating that blowing off (dum), taweez (talismans), trademarks and ribbons are shirk.

Esa Bin Hamza (Rahimahullah) states, I seen Abdullah Bin Akeem (Rahimahullah) through his illness; he had been suffering from a illness known as “Hamra”. He asked him why he wasn’t wearing the talisman which was intended for the illness specifically. He responded, “May ALLAH rescue me out of the talisman.


The term talisman stems from the Arabic term, tilsam that stems from the Greek phrase telos meaning to consecrate or to start into the mysteries. A talisman could be described as,

“A thing that’s seemingly magical or miraculous consequences and that may prevent hardship and bring decent fortune when obtained”.


As stated by amil baba the term ‘amulet’ was initially derived from the Greek phrase ‘amylon’ significance ‘meals’, which have been provided at locations where ‘spirits’ were presumed to maneuver, so as to please them prevent their injury.

The term ‘amulet’ from the English language was described as: “An item, either artificial or natural, considered to be endowed with special abilities to shield or bring decent fortune… amulets are considered to derive energy from their relationship with natural powers, from spiritual relationships, or by being forced in a ritual fashion at a positive moment.”


The term taweez is the Urdu representation of the phrase ‘liberally’weedh’ that is just another term used for tameemah. A tameemah could be described as a thing That Is suspended On somebody or some thing with the impression that it’s the capacity to repel damage or cause good luck. Thus the words taweez along with tameemah are usually interpreted as amulet, charm or talisman.

The truth today is that almost all taweez that are offered to oblivious sufferers comprise items that no layman could decode! All these taweez contain amounts, gridsand letters, diagramsand symbols, etc.. Sometimes, taweez are discovered to comprise supplications to besides ALLAH, for example Angels, Prophets as well as Jinns!

  • Not only is that ascribing partners to ALLAH – because no one could reply supplications except HIM – but in addition, it bears likeness into the taweez utilized from the Pre-Islamic Arabs and many different religions that call ‘souls’ to realize their objectives!
  • As previously mentioned, the taweez is utilized by men and women of different faiths, along with the resemblances between the taweez of unique cultures and creeds may be striking occasionally; it also points to the frequent supply of the exercise (i.e. shaytaan).

A Celebrity sporting a Taweez

The idea of Amounts having abilities came from early Egyptian magicians. They had to think every number has its own capability. Now WICCA can also be predicated on it. But in our faith ISLAM, we do not have space for this
Notice: The Muslim amulet (directly) comprises the initial ayah out of Surah an-Nasr (110), also cites salah on the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and is subsequently followed by symbols and letters. The figures from the grid fit the amounts from the cabbala amulet(abandoned) precisely.

Notice:The connection between the two the amulets is apparent.

  • The Quran are a healer and fix if it’s read with comprehension, profiting from its own contents and decorating the activities sincerely with all the noble traits as revealed inside. Honey was known as a remedy at the Quran itself, but definitely nobody goes about carrying a jar of honey round the neck constantly. In the same way, the physician’s pharmacopeia includes all of the remedies but a sick individual wouldn’t dare take it around his throat for treatment functions. It’s for such individuals the Holy Quran is stated:


  • Then together with the devilish mumbo-jumbo, Quran can also be composed in the taweez and then he hangs up it when he possibly in a state of impurity, at a country of minor or significant impurity, and he reveals any respect onto it keeps it from anything else.

Listed below are few points that can expose the facts behind those taweez (possibly numeral or quranic verses) :

Each taweez has things / jinn attached for this. They function as slaves to this taweez. And in this manner they have you and may play together with your mind too.

Taweez jinn how it works


These things alleviate you from a particular illness or difficulty for some time. As an instance, if you become frightened in the nighttime, these jinns will cope with different jinns round you so they shouldn’t disturb you but they’re permitted to reside together with you. You’re also just like a magnet for some other entities if you’re wearing some taweez. They’re attached together with you shielding you in smaller issues but at the longer term creating a larger issue. Or perhaps putting you into a life of SHIRK.

Following an appointed moment that they begin troubling you so you’d return to the peer reviewed / healer (considering that your prior problem has been solved from the taweez supplied by the routine).

The damaging aspect is that you can find instances where a healer sends his jinns together with the customer to his home to create a truce, pact or even handle the jinns currently residing there. The deal would be to request the preceding jinns to render the customer alone for some time, thus creating an illusion which the customer is treated. Jinns from the parties (i.e jinns delivered by means of a magician and jinns delivered by means of a healer) dwell with the customer together.


The customer’s faith in the healer raises and he bestows the healer with presents and money.After sometime that the jinns have been permitted to irritate the customer again, which makes the customer return into the healer. This procedure lasts for a very long time. This bargain is only possible when the jinns owned by the healer tend to be more powerful than those currently present with the customer in his house.Alternatively, when the Hernandez’s jinns aren’t stronger than those currently present, a deadly war starts. The warfare is so extreme that the Customer can Enter coma or in intense scenarios die.Many individuals are victims for this occurrence.


Can you dare choose the Quran into the toilet? Would you want to maintain it while watching television, or engaging in movie, telling lies? If the entire Quran can not be removed into the restroom afterward one verse, or one term, or one touch of Quran can not be removed.

Every large or little portion of Quran holds exactly the exact same price and esteem without a individual, scholar or healer can warrant such degradation and misuse from the Quran.

If sporting an ayat of Quran may save someone from all injury, then why can not an entire Quran simply putting their cabinets protect our entire home from injury.

When a thief with a gun from his own hands was supposed to put in your home would you stand there with your eyes shut since the Taweez will shelter you or do you do it. Most surely you may do it even if it’s merely to conceal. Why don’t you exude your beliefs and confidence in ALLAH who’s awake even if you’re asleep, who’s seeing when your eyes have been shut.

Families have been killed, women are being raped, girls are being burnt and robbed etc.. What exactly were their threads and Taweez performing all this was occurring? Nothing!! Only went from the tomb together. .

The answer lies not only in hanging windmills round your nostrils but in knowing, imagining over and displaying the orders cited in the poetry.

The Qur’an had been shown to be followed and invisibly; its own commandments to be obeyed and its own prohibitions heeded, its own data to be considered and its limitations to be adhered , its own parables and tales to function as courses and to not be retrieved on walls or about congestion.The debate on taweez amulets and talismans have been answered in details.