Clearly, you can expect different applications to raise your operation for virtually any BMW types. Along with high engine results, our processor alterations also persuade with optimized gasoline ingestion and also its own durability. Our lengthy expertise within the field of highclass pruning helps to ensure that individuals at PP Performance understand exactly what things in BMW processor trimming. Processor optimisation provides the motor better-coordinated ignition cases along with other relevant advice which makes sure that the vehicle will improve its functionality much with no additional pruning components.


Inside the area of operation optimisation, PP Performance provides the whole array of sensible and attainable adaptations inside the field of highend pruning. If processor trimming isn’t sufficient for you personally for the BMW, then we supply an whole variety of different alternatives to completely boost the energy and operation of one’s motor vehicle. Besides processor pruning as previously mentioned previously, you can expect racing filters, catless fittings, further turbochargers, intercoolers, exhaust devices along with other human elements for skilled operation growth for chiptuning bmw  types. PP Performance — ” We lead, others follow along.

Motor tuning and functionality up grades possess a very long convention at TuningPro. To be on the flip side yet, we want never to pull on the most potential electrical power but as an alternative ensure increased robustness, so that the longer lifetime span of this motor. A number of our effectiveness up grades are so developed for a gain in torque instead of an growth in horsepower. As torque is precisely what you believe as though for example you are “pushed straight back into the chair” on pulling off.

Overall performance upgrade put in – exactly what goes on to this guarantee?
For several TuningPro operation up grades, TuningPro delivers a guarantee based upon your own household country upto five decades as well as 120,000 km mileage onto the assemblies transferred by the search motor. For M designs, this guarantee finishes at 80,000 km. The guarantee does not have any fee for the shoppers.