what is a taweez complete introduction and questions answered

What is a taweez ? | Islamic veiws about the tawiz

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbaas narrates, Abu Yasir Bin Akhtab, his brother Hayy Bin Akhtab and Ka’b Bin Asharaf requested Rasoolullah Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam”to swear and also inform us whether the Alif Laam Meem was shown on you personally as is”? Hayy subsequently said “if you’re honest then your Ummah will stay for a couple of decades, just how do we take this faith.”Now lets have a look on all the aspects of what is a taweez ?

They pointed out that in accordance with this understanding of numerical worth it’s evident in the letters of all Alif Laam Meem that this country is going to soon be obliterated within 71 decades. Hayy inquired, “is there another phrase similar to this.”The Beloved replied “yes, there’s Alif Laam Meem Saad.” Hayy explained. “that value is 161 that is over preceding”. He then inquired, “is there more” the BelovedAnswered “yes there’s Alif Laam Raa.” Hayy stated “this can be more than original And also the moment, and we bear witness your Ummah will simply be dominant until 231 decades.”

  • He then said “is there anything else apart from those?” The treasured Rasoolreplied “yes Alif Laam Meem Raa can also beShown on me” Hayy stated, “we will not believe in you since we’re not certain about that one of the words we must think.” Subsequently Abu Yasir spoke, “we keep proof our Prophets have told us that this Ummah will rule however they didn’t tell us for the long time.


  • therefore when Muhammad is honest in his own statement then in accordance with my knowledge Alif Laam Meem, Alif Laam Meem Saad, Alif Laam Raa and Alif Laam Meem Raa all would be collected to this Ummah.” Then all of the Jews caught and left by stating “your issue is doubtful about us” This establishes that the numerical values of quranic arabic letters/ayahs was recognized to RasoolAllah Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam,he didn’t prohibit it,but instead proved its authenticity to the jews of this moment.


  • This just what naqsh’s are,quran from the numerical(adad) kind.In terms of taweez in written form that the evidence is here:The Apostle of Allah (peace\_be\_upon\_him) utilized to teach them all the next words in the example of alert: I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect words in his rage, the evil of His servants, the evil suggestions of the devils and his existence.

What is a taweez for children and is is allowed?

Abdullah ibn Amr utilized to educate them to people of the children who had attained puberty, and that he wrote them down (about some stuff) and also hung to the kid who hadn’t attained puberty.The Qur’an has the capability of recovery”.

1.We ship down at Qur’an what really is a healing and a mercy to the believers…”Qadi Shawkani writes, even in the event the Qur’a du’as are recited and neglected about the sick, then they’ll be healed. (Tafsir Fathul Qadir beneath Verse 82 Surah Bani Israeel).

2.Proof of sporting the TaweezAmr Ibn Shu’aib RadhiAllahu ‘anhu says that ‘RasoolAllah (Sallallahu’ alaihi wa sallam) taught my husband and also grandFather that a Du’a that we’d read before going to sleep, to safeguard us from misery and anxiety.

3.We told our parent kids to outdo that Du’a prior to going to sleep also. for the small kids it shall be written  and then place it around their necks,  under precisely the identical verseIt’s permissible to browse du’a and blow upon the illQ) .

4.Many people today say, “What exactly can it be permitted to blow dua’s on the ill, when a few Hadith say that is prohibited?”Allama Sa’idi has composed the reply to this issue in terrific detail he has also place the view of all of the other terrific scholars, and we’ll present here.

5.Imam Nawawi Rahmatullah at Sharh Muslim nations: ‘that there are two kinds of Ahadith about blowing off. (Reciting a Du’a after which blowing on someone.)

6.Among those varieties will be transmitted in Bukhari: ‘There’ll be individuals that will enter Paradise without any questioning, who’ve not been disregarded upon’.

what is the reality taweez for love and islamic dum durrod?

Imam Muslim Rahmatullah has also composed a hadith in service of people who don’t request to get discounted upon. Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah from the chapter about Tibb (Medications) has recently composed Du’as, that our Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] recited when performing ‘Damm’ (Reciting that a Du’a and then dismissing on a man).Now we can see the answer to what is a taweez and when its allowed.

Imam Muslim Rahmatullah says from the Butt on Virtues of the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] which: if the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] was sick, the Angel Jibreel came to him and also executed the blowing.

The above mentioned kinds of Ahadith seemingly appear to contradict each other but in fact there’s absolutely not any contradiction.The former sort of Hadith describes this prohobition of getting read something which isn’t in the Qur’an and Sunnah [ie, something which has photographs, words and diagrams not in the Qur’a] and blow onto somebody. The latter kinds of Ahadith which allow Damm refer to these Kalimaat (words or words) that have been instructed by the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace]. In precisely the identical manner as previously there are two kinds of Ahadith about Ta’weez.

Why is taweez probhited in islam?

There are lots of narrations that prohibit the usage of Ta’weez and many allowing their usage. Imam Qurtubi Rahmatullah wrote in detail regarding the two kinds of Ahadith about Ta’weez: ‘The Ta’weez which are banned are these Ta’weez in the period of ignorance, these that are Satanic and include a component of Shirk’.

(Mantar, Voodoo and Magic etc.) The Ta’weez, that can be allowed are those composed with Du’as, that can be evident in Qur’an and Ahadith just. Below are the narrationsthat demonstrate it’s allowed for a individual to set a Ta’weez about their neck.Allama Alusi Hanafi in his Tafsir of this Qur’a writes: According to Imam Malik Rahmatullah ‘It’s allowed to place round the Ta’weez composed using the title of Allah and what is a taweez?

  • Imam Baqir also said that it’s permitted to place this type of Ta’weez across the throat of a kid. It’s permitted to compose a Ta’weez and set it round the neck. He adds that it will be better if someone recites that the Du’as educated by the Prophet (Sallallahu’ alaihi wa sallam.)


  • But if someone can’t read or is too young to recite then it’s allowed for that individual to place it about the neck[Rud-ul-Mukhtar chapter Qirat, Sharah Sahih Muslim chapter about Tib from Allama Sa’idi].To conclude it can be stated that these verses that oppose the Qur’an, Shari’ah, and also the Sunnah are prohibited to read and prohibited to place round the neck.


  • However, when it comes to Du’as and verses from the Qur’an and Sunnah it’s allowed to be composed and place round the throat of a little child or a illiterate or even a sick individual.Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim compose:When a particular person who had been sick or in certain distress they’d visit the Prophet [May Allah bless him and grant Him peace] that would then put his hand to the locale of the pain and also recite a du’a after which blow him onto him.


  • (Bukhari, Muslim chap around Tibb). (Muslim chapter about Tibb)Aisha (Radiall hu anhua) stated once the Prophet [May Allah bless him and grant Him peace] had been sick the last period, she also recited Surah Al-Falaq and also Surah Al-Naas after which blew to the Prophet [May Allah bless him and grant Him peace] hands. The Prophet subsequently destroyed that on his own body and face because his fingers had more blessing afterward Aisha’s (Radiall hu anha).(Muslim chap about Tibb)In the preceding narrations, it establishes this to blow off after reciting du’as on the ill will be Sunnah and the more permeable that the man or woman isalso the more remedial power he has since he’s blessed over the pious.I hope you got the answer for the query what is a taweez as i am going in details.


It’s permissible to [to recite du’as, then] blow off the ill in Islam, however, the words have to be in the Qur’a or Ahadith. If the words aren’t then it’s not permissible.[Al-Tawasul chapter about Blowing on the Tray from Hafidh ibn Taymiyyah].So in this post i have explained all the answers related to what is a taweez and who when it is used and why its not allowed in islam. stay blessed